Aerobic exercise: an effective system

Aerobics is not just a physical education with elements of sports dancing, but an integrated approach to solving several problems at once. You can tighten your muscles and tone them, get rid of extra pounds, correct your figure, improve your overall well-being, cheer up and much more. In short, the main feature in aerobics is exercises that differ from each other in different intensities and loads. You can choose comprehensive classes designed for people with any physical level, whether they are beginners or professionals.


The bottom line is to perform exercises of varying intensity to rhythmic music. One lesson combines physical activity, breathing training, flexibility and plasticity.

Regular exercise allows you to achieve impressive results, because it is not just about losing weight:

  • Tissue cells are actively saturated with oxygen;
  • Beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system;
  • Accelerated metabolism;
  • Decrease in the likelihood of irritation and depression;
  • Improved sleep.

Depending on your goals, you should practice aerobics several days a week. If you need to lose weight, you should exercise for at least three days weekly and follow a strict diet. It is also not recommended to exceed the permissible loads, otherwise there will be more harm than good.


The following are conventionally distinguished types:

Classic aerobics

It is also called dance, as it combines different movements typical for dancing. It is great for losing weight, straightening posture and developing flexibility.

Step aerobics

You will need a special platform (step) for this type of aerobics. This is the optimal technique for tightening the hips and buttocks, strengthening the cardiovascular system and forming a beautiful body.

Power aerobics

This consists of various exercises with sports equipment. Usually, the weight does not decrease, although body fat disappears. This is because this approach allows you to increase muscle mass.

Slide aerobics

For this you will need to purchase shoes and a special board. The principle is to perform skating-like movements. In general, the board (slide) was originally invented for training skaters. The slide perfectly strengthens the musculoskeletal system, tightens the muscles, but classes can get boring due to the monotonous movements.

Water aerobics

You can’t get away with this type of aerobics without a pool. This is a unique program that has no contraindications or restrictions, as everyone can do it, regardless of their age and training level.

Dance aerobics

If the classic one is more focused on physical activity, then the dance program is designed for specific movements special for different dances. It is one of the lightest and the most enjoyable ways to do cardio, highly efficient and widely used for losing weight.

Striptease dance

The movement of the striptease helps to increase flexibility. Almost all muscles are being used and in addition to weight loss and the formation of a beautiful body, strip dance is akin to art. Sexual movements are spectacular and will not leave anyone indifferent.


Any physical activity begins with warming up the muscles.


The aerobics warm-up complex includes five main types of jumps:

  • The legs are moved apart and brought back to their original position;
  • Scissors. The feet are crossed with each other, the arms are widely spread to the sides and brought crosswise;
  • High jumps;
  • Jumps with an overlap of the lower leg;
  • Raise your leg and touch your outstretched arm with your knee during the jump.

Each element should be performed 10 times with a minimum break between sets. After completing the complex, the body can be considered ready for basic work.

Please note, that it is important to choose the right shoes for your practice.

It is better to use sneakers with a shock-absorbing effect. They can make any exercise comfortable and enjoyable. If you use the wrong shoes, then the first experience of aerobics can be ruined by blisters or an injury.


The list below is far from complete, just a rough plan:

  • Perform jumping with a touch of the platform (if there is a step) with a toe. If there is no platform, you can use any other stand, this will not change the goal. It is recommended to work quickly and alternately changing legs for 1 minute.
  • 15 jumps in different directions on the diagonal.
  • Lunges to the right and left, 15 times.
  • Jumping squats. An effective way to burn fat for the thighs and abdomen must be repeated 15-20 times.
  • Mill. In the semi-squatting position, with your arms extended to the sides, you need to make movements like a “mill”, touching the toes of the opposite legs with your fingers.
  • “Sumo”. For the muscles of the upper body and inner thighs. You need to lower yourself into a half-squat and perform left and right punches in the air.
  • Balance. Raise one leg and bend at the knee, stretching the hips as much as possible. Repeat this 10-15 times for each side.
  • “Frog”, up to 10 times, from the push-up, stand to perform a jump, combining the toes of the feet with the palms of the hands.
  • Plank. From a prone position, push apart from the surface and move the outstretched legs with a jump, this is done 20 times.
  • Push-ups with 12 repetitions.
  • Twisting the body from a prone position to the right and left.

You can add a few more exercises to increase the effectiveness of aerobics training, this is especially useful when the load increases:

  • For hands. Take a lying position, spread your legs shoulder-width apart and straighten your back. Inhale, stretch your arm forward and raise your leg, exhale, return to the original stance. You need to do several times for 10-15 times each.
  • With the ball. You will need a special ball, first lie on your stomach, move your hands behind your head and rest your feet on the floor. Then use the muscles of the buttocks to raise the body, trying to achieve a straight line and hold the body for several seconds. Return to original position and repeat this 10-15 times.
  • Lowering the ball. Perhaps the most common exercise. Lie on the floor with your hand behind your head and place a soccer ball between your knees. Next, you need to raise and lower the ball, working with the gluteal muscles and the inner side of the thigh.

It is recommended to walk at a leisurely pace after the workout or you can go about your daily activities. This will be enough to restore your breathing and not harm the heart by an abrupt end of physical activity. It is not recommended to lie down and sit for at least 10 minutes.


You should not take aerobics lightly, like any physical education, it requires the implementation of some rules. They are not difficult, but they require discipline and constant self-control.


It is better to start classes at the same time and if you are working out in a group, do not be late. The better the muscles are warmed up, the more benefit you will gain from the session. Besides, sprains and injuries can be prevented.


Ideal for the beginners who need guidance or do not have time. The instructor will always help and repeat the most difficult elements with you.


If you have already decided to take care of your body, try not to miss a workout whenever possible. If you exercise for a week and then quit for several weeks, you cannot expect the effect to have been worth your while. On average, workouts should be done three times a week. If you just need to keep in shape, two sessions a week for 40 minutes are enough to achieve this.


Gradually, the body gets used to the intensity of the exercise. Therefore, you need to start performing basic exercises for 15 minutes a day and then gradually increase the time to 30-40 minutes. After mastering simple aerobic movements, you can switch to exercise machines.


You should not push the body to its limit, especially at the initial stage. Fatigue is a natural state, but exercising physically to the point of fainting and not being able to go home is the last resort. There will be no benefit from such a workout.


This approach is also useful as it helps to allocate time and organize your daily life according to your plan. Knowing that a workout is scheduled for the evening can make it harder to skip it.

Any set of aerobic exercises is performed several times a day. Of course, it will be difficult for beginners, perhaps it could be done just once, but you should not be upset about this. You can increase the load after acquiring more strength and endurance. After you master the standard elements of aerobics, you can safely increase physical and choreographic loads. If you workout regularly, it will become your lifestyle with a positive outcome.

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