10 effective ways to pump your butt

All women dream of a perfect and beautiful backside. They wonder how to pump it up, make it bigger or smaller. If you are not an owner of a super booty, listen to the valuable recommendations from a fitness professional. Most people wonder how to get bigger glutes in a week or a month, but it takes more time for perfect glutes.

You have two main goals:

* Hypertrophy of target muscles

* Burning excess fat

Before you start the transformation process, learn how to perform all the necessary exercises correctly to obtain results and to avoid injury. Basic exercises will be the main plan. They are able to stimulate muscles to grow as quickly as possible. Swing your glutes primarily with squats, lunges, Romanian deadlifts and abductions with various bridges. This arsenal is already enough to make a super ass. Pay attention to the little things in your workout, as that’s where your success is.

1. If you are a beginner, start by mastering a squat and a deadlift after strengthening the muscles of the back with hyperextensions. These exercises will show a desirable result in a short space of time. If your hips show progress faster in squats, then you need to perform isolated exercises for preliminary fatigue before them. This technique is necessary for those whose buttocks does not respond well to the load or the hips grow too quickly and take away the main load. Isolated exercises will work for the muscles without affecting the quadriceps. Performing squats with tired buttocks will be more effective.

2. If the muscles are responding normally, continue basic exercises with an increase of the weights. This will stimulate the growth of muscle fibres. Also, look at the shape changes and add isolated exercises for the correction. For the extra work of the bottom and inner part, do plié or sumo squats. To work out the outer parts and burn the extra fat on the buttocks, do leg raises on the machine. If the upper part of the backside lags behind, then focus on the gluteal bridge with additional weights. This will help align the proportions and overall shape.

3. For problems with the spine, such as herniated discs, lumbar lordosis or a curvature of the spine (which has variations), use the leg press on the simulator to relieve the pressure from the back. With a rounded back, place the barbell on the bottom of the trapezoid. This will eventually align the chest and posture.

4. Perform quality stretches for the muscles that you want to develop. Stretching increases the fascia and thus the growth potential. It also improves the supply of blood to deep tissues, which is very important for recovery. It will also make the muscles elastic and beautiful. Stretch lightly for 5 minutes before training and do a full stretch 2-3 times a week.

5. Train your buttocks once or twice a week, depending on the degree of intensity and fitness. You can’t train them more often, as this will lead to overtraining and the stagnation of progress.

6. For a beautiful butt, target 50-60kg for 12-15 times in squats and lunges, with dumbbells or barbells with a total weight of approximately 30-40kg. Also, the bridge while lying down should be at least 40-50 kg for 15 repetitions. Otherwise, you will not achieve impressive buttocks and tone. Add working weights every week. This must be followed in order for the body to have a constant stimulus for muscle growth.

7. Exercise the glutes separately from all other parts of the body, as this will allow you to give your all 100%.

8. Focus on muscle work and squeeze the muscles with each rep. Tighten the muscles with your effort, make them work even harder. In the process of training, feel the work of the muscles as much as possible and bring them to a burning sensation. When muscles burn, they work.

9. Eat a protein-carbohydrate diet to build muscles and to burn excess fat. If you are not inclined to be overweight, then do not be afraid of carbohydrates even after training. The energy gained from food is essential for muscle recovery and growth. If you tend to be overweight, then refrain from carbohydrates after dinner. Try to consume them for breakfast or before lunch. Keep track of your total calories and watch your body fat closely and control it.

10. Observe a sleep schedule for 7-8 hours a day. Muscle recovery and growth occurs while you sleep. Sleep should be deep and of high quality.


The physiology of the female body is such that, it is the bottom that develops very quickly. You need to properly stimulate the muscles and give them proper nutrients. The nuance of training this muscle group is that size and development directly depends on strength. Want a big ass? Squat More!

Large muscles require a lot of weight (this is the main rule of bodybuilding). There are people who have responsive glutes from birth. They can pump them up with minimal stress. But most need to work hard for the result. While squatting, increase your working weight by 1.25-2.5 kg every week without breaking your technique. It will explode the muscles and the growth will be crazy!


Exercises are divided into two types; basic and isolated. Basic exercises have the greatest potential for lifting maximum weight. They use more muscle fibres than isolated exercises, thereby stimulating growth more. Isolated exercises allow you to better feel the muscles and to establish the connection between the brain and muscles. Together, these exercises work better and more efficiently. You just need to correctly follow the sequence in the training complex. For weight loss, use 15-20 repetitions.


Squats are the best basic exercise used by all athletes. The effectiveness has been tested over the years. Squats are performed in many variations depending on the purpose and discipline. For the buttocks, put your feet shoulder-width apart or wider. You also need to start sitting with the pelvic abduction back. The bottom of the hips should be parallel to the floor.

The Romanian Deadlift

This is a great exercise for strengthening your legs and back. The buttocks and hamstrings will perform the main function. Attention should be paid to the constant position of the back and knees. Lower the barbell to mid-calf. At the top, stand slightly tilted so that the weight does not transfer to the spine.


Lunges are an effective exercise for both muscle building and firmness. They help to remove cellulite and reduce fat.

Gluteal bridge

The bridge is the best-isolated exercise for the butt, as it allows you to lift large weights without losing the sensation of muscle work. At the top point, linger for a second and fully squeeze the ass.

Sideways legs exercise on the simulator

Sideways legs exercise work perfectly for the middle and small glutes. It helps to bring the buttocks to a rounded shape. Abduction of the legs while standing in an inclination. The abduction of the legs tightens and form the glutes. This exercise is good to finish your glute workout.


You can do all of the most effective buttock exercises at home. For a complete workout it is beneficial to get a pair of dumbbells or a barbell. The result depends on the variety in the use of weights. The most important thing is to organize the proper degree of weight on the target muscles. You can use a backpack with something heavy or bottles of water for many exercises. To perform lunges, the leg behind can be placed on a chair or sofa. This will increase the load and make this exercise more difficult. When doing squats, hold at the bottom for 2-3 seconds. It is also possible to train with a partner who can be used as a weight in squats and a lying bridge. The result is determined not by the availability of simulators, but by the desire and commitment.


Ideally, large muscle groups should be trained separately. If you have to combine large and small muscle groups, then you should start training with the large muscles. When the question arises where to start and how to prioritize, follow a simple guide. Arrange the order based on personal priority and the goal to load certain parts of the body more. That is, train the most important muscles in the beginning.


Everyone is interested in how long it takes to pump up the glutes. Many people believe it is really possible to radically change the buttocks in a week or a month. It depends on what results we are talking about. If we are talking about ideal and pumped-up glutes, then it is not realistic to gain such an amount of muscle in a month without the use of pharmacology. Experience and practice show that on average it will take 4-6 months to build super glutes, subject to all recommendations.

Everything is individual, as it depends on age, genetics, conditions, compliance with the regime. In six months, any woman can gain fit glutes. This is the most realistic term, regardless of other conditions. Most importantly, do not set any deadlines, since the body cannot be driven into any structure. It should work naturally without pressure. Only after a complete analysis of the body, it is possible to give an exact load in the gym or at home. This also applies to nutrition and diet.

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