What is CrossFit?

Among the new types of fitness, CrossFit workouts are gaining more and more popularity. Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai, have brought together the best techniques and exercises from different sports disciplines, combining them into one system, that has developed into a rather extraordinary sport.

CrossFit is a system of high intensity training and constantly changing the types of workout represented by gymnastic elements, cardio training, exercises from weightlifting, powerlifting and bodybuilding, plyometrics, as well as other types of fitness. Crossfit comes from two English words: cross and fit, which is short for fitness. It turns out that CrossFit is crossed intense fitness.

According to Wikipedia, Greg Glassman and Lauren Jenai founded the brand with the same name in the year 2000.


CrossFit is a multifunctional system. It develops strength, trains endurance and builds an athletic physique.

Training in a lighter version is suitable for all groups of people, such as; pregnant women, children and the elderly.

First of all, this direction helps to increase the strength indicators of the body’s resistance to various types of loads. CrossFit Inc., the pioneer of this fitness system, defines CrossFit as continuously alternating, varied in nature loads performed at a high pace in different periods and modal domains.

CrossFit is a set of exercises that lasts 15-60 minutes, combining several different types of loads and including each muscle group in the workout to one degree or another. This system is designed to improve the body in all directions.

The main ones are; training of the cardiovascular system, gymnastic exercises and exercises with free weights.


Crossfit is a sport aimed, like any other fitness, at the most effective and high-quality workout for the body. However, it sets the No. 1 task to create a super-human who has equally well-developed strength, agility, endurance and balance. Therefore, training is often used in professional firefighters training, law enforcement, as well as people whose specialties require physical fitness.


CrossFit is too good to have any flaws, and yet, what are the advantages of it?

The positive impact of CrossFit

Functional training affects all of the body systems. Thanks to an aerobic exercise, heart and blood vessels condition improves, endurance increases and metabolism accelerates. Gymnastics improves coordination and flexibility. Weightlifting will make you stronger and add volume to your muscles, but not like bodybuilding. The CrossFit training system will improve health, sleep, tendons, strengthen muscles and relieve pain.

Separately, the positive aspects of the training include:

  • An incredible variety of exercises with varying degrees of intensity will not let you get bored.
  • Group activities bring an element of excitement, as they foster the desire to win over your fellow gymnasts. CrossFit training will make you a real versatile fighter! Running a kilometre, dragging a huge wheel behind you and then running a kilometre again. What an accomplishment!


It is important not to overdo it, and here’s why:

  • It is believed that the heart can receive too much volume load when doing CrossFit. You can avoid risks if you follow the order of training and rest, do not forget about the recovery period.
  • The risk of injury is due to exercising with weights and the speed of many movements. In any active sport, you need to follow the exercise technique and carefully select the weight not to get injured.
  • To be dexterous, strong and skilful will not work 100%. You can’t run better than a marathoner or out bench a lifter. The versatility of this system comes at a price, as you will have very good results in each discipline, but, alas, not first-class.


What to expect from a CrossFit program? We will talk about the three main components of functional training: the aerobic part, body weight exercises (gymnastics) and weightlifting. What is the goal of each of them?

The aerobic component, also called metabolic, improves the body’s ability to work for a long time at low loads.

Cardio exercises are aimed at training the heart and stimulating the growth of endurance. As a result of exertion, the heartbeat and pulse become more frequent and the blood circulation improves. These include; jogging, swimming, cycling and skiing.

A properly built cardio training program helps:

  • Fat burning and acceleration of the metabolism, which, in combination with the strength part of the program, allows both athletes and those who wish to lose weight to build the body of their dreams.
  • Increased lung capacity, with more efficient oxygen consumption.
  • Strengthening the heart, which improves blood flow, thus delivering oxygen to the most distant parts of the body.
  • Cardio, along with other types of exercise, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and helps to normalize the blood pressure.


The exercises in this part of the CrossFit workout are performed using your body weight. They help to develop:

  • Muscle and tendon flexibility
  • Coordination of movements
  • A sense of balance
  • Motor receptors

Besides, the complex helps to improve body composition. Gymnastic set exercises are often performed on apparatus, such as; rings, uneven bars, a horizontal bar or a rope, which helps to strengthen the muscles of the upper body, as well as the abdominal muscles. To help maintain balance, theb stabilizing muscles work in a static mode.


CrossFit is not complete without weightlifting. This is a sport based on exercises that use free weights, it is also called powerlifting. The basis of weightlifting is movements with weights such as barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells and other similar equipment.

Free weight training increases:

  • Power indicators.
  • Muscle mass.
  • Limited concentration.
  • Forms coordination skills.

The main mistakes in CrossFit and how to avoid them:

Exercises with heavyweights, if performed incorrectly and with an incorrect working weight, lead to injuries. That is why CrossFit is considered a traumatic sport. You need to follow the exercise technique, follow the plan and it is better to use the help of a trainer at the beginning if posible.

Even if a person has figured out the concept of CrossFit and understands how to build a training process, it is extremely important to use ready-made training programs at the beginning of the journey, or draw them up with a professional trainer. The specialist will select exercises based on the individual capabilities of the body, as this will prevent unnecessary overload and injury.

Many aspiring athletes think that CrossFit is endlessly changing sets of aerobics, weight work, gymnastics and cardio training. However, an irregular load leads to a whole range of problems.

Athletes reach a plateau phase, i.e. the adaptation of the body to the same physical activity. The consequence is the pause of muscle growth and quality indicators. Seasoned athletes alternate exercises and gradually increase the intensity, difficulty level and the amount of weight that is used.

It is easy to get injuries for inexperienced people, who often proceed too fast and with a lack of attention. The desire to keep up with other trainees causes a person to not pay attention to the exercise technique and sharp or fast movements increase the risk significantly. The risk of a physical injury increases with fatigue and the lack of coordination. Sometimes, uncomfortable clothes and shoes can also cause injury.

In pursuit of results, athletes forget about the recovery mode during and after training. They do not pay attention to a good rest and healthy sleep. Avoiding overload is simple, you need to take five-minute breaks with low intensity between sets and have free days from classes.


The movement was born in 2000 and in 2007 there was the first championship, which was called the Crossfit Games. The CrossFit competition program has its characteristics:

  • The sport types in it become known a few hours before the competition.
  • The program may include unexpected elements, such as sailing in bad weather.

Since the 2011 Games, CrossFit began participant selection online and after the initial selection, the best athletes in their regions, were invited to compete for the title of the most fit athlete.

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