Which is more effective: bodyweight workouts or a gym?

Today I will try to explain the difference between “street” workouts and workouts in a gym with glands. Many people don’t believe in the power of bodyweight training, and here’s why.

What does any guy want to get when he plans to start working out in the gym? That’s right – a relief shape, large muscles. And it is also desirable to get it all as soon as possible. And you know, in the modern fitness world, this is really possible to achieve very quickly.

Here comes to the rescue a bomb ration on the mass (6-7 times a day), sports nutrition, and, of course, pharmacology (where it is without it). At the same time, such guys receive only a beautiful outer shell, but in no way a heroic inner strength. They are not interested in training with their own weight, because there are no mirrors on the street where they could take a photo for Instagram.

Bodyweight workouts

There was a time when real men achieved superhuman strength only thanks to their own weight. No barbells, no exercise equipment, no medicine, nothing like that. If you understand what I’m talking about.

For example, you can see the sculptures of Hercules Farnese or Laocoon. These guys had developed muscles and today could easily win any modern bodybuilding tournament. You can also think of the Spartans, who are still considered the strongest wars in the world.

And you can look at the guys and girls gymnasts. These guys train exclusively with their own weight (horizontal bars, uneven bars), and many have such physical characteristics that will drive any bodybuilder into the paint.

You can also look at the guys – workouters. Those who can do incredible pirouettes on horizontal bars and parallel bars. You look at them and already take your breath away from their performances. Try something like this on your playground. It is unlikely that you can repeat even a couple of elements.

Pros and cons of bodyweight training

You can train anywhere (at home, on the street, in the gym). Everything that surrounds you you can become your simulator. Table, chair, tree branch, and so on. And it’s very cool and insanely convenient.

Working with your own weight will never lead you to serious injury. Your spine will definitely thank you since it will not experience a serious load in the absence of barbells over your head.

Helps to develop heroic strength and endurance. Someone will say that push-ups, squats, handstands, pull-ups, exits on the horizontal bar, and so on, cannot be attributed to serious strength training. And it will be absolutely wrong.


The disadvantages of training with body weight, I would attribute the need to work with additional weights. If you have a goal to increase muscle mass and strength, you will need to use additional weights (vests, cuffs, pancakes).

In this case, you will need to run to the gym and use all the available equipment. And you can come up with something yourself from the available means. In any case, I do not consider this to be a serious problem.

Pros and cons of training in the gym

Among the pluses, I would mention, first of all, the atmosphere of the hall. Invigorating motivational music, guys with big muscles. In general, you are saturated with the idea of this sport and beat your results.

The assortment of inventory. Of course, there are many exercise machines and dumbbells in the gym for every taste and color. You can find a suitable tool and work on the problem areas of your body.


Purchase of a subscription. If you can train with your own weight, wherever and whenever you want, then for the gym you need to buy an expensive subscription and set aside a certain time.

Location. The not always suitable hall is located 5 minutes’ walk from your house. And this is sometimes inconvenient, especially if there is no personal transport, and the weather is bad outside.

Many different people with different energies. It is not always possible to find a suitable hall where everyone would be alike. There are different people, with different emotions and approach to the training process.

Smells. This is the most unpleasant thing that can be. If the ventilation system in the hall is working poorly, then the smell of sweat simply kills.

Expectation. Sometimes you have to wait until you need a simulator to free yourself. Thus, you spend more time training and lose your training rhythm.


What is more effective for you is up to you. In any case, whether in the gym or when working with your own weight, you will hardly be able to pump up the desired muscle volumes even in a year. It usually takes at least 4-5 years of persistent and consistent training to get noticeable results.

As in any situation, the 10,000-hour rule works. If you want to get something or become an expert in some area, you need to spend 10,000 hours on a thorough study of this topic (as they say in books).

Personally, I train now as part of my experiment both in the gym and with my own weight.

Whatever you choose, you are already a great fellow. Movement is life! Set goals and go ahead! The main thing is not to wait for the weather by the sea, the biceps will not pump itself up!

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