Women’s workout for beginners: street workouts for flexibility, beauty, and strength

Street Workout gives you a chance to gain strength, endurance, and beauty without going to the gym or some complicated exercises. You do not need unique and expensive sports equipment, it is enough to have access to a sports ground with horizontal bars and parallel bars and be eager to learn something new.


The free, trendy, fresh movement of Street Workouts are rapidly gaining fans around the world. The relaxed atmosphere in training, associated with the opportunity to prove themselves in tricks, attracts people of all ages. Street fitness warms up and develops muscles, trains the endurance and the ability to achieve goals, teaches you to enjoy bodybuilding and helps to increase strength. Training gives a feeling of the limitlessness of your possibilities. This happens only with the right approach to classes.

To be successful, you need to know your body type, as they call it. You need to do it according to your capabilities, and you need to start with a commitment to exercise regularly.


For girls and guys who are naturally slender should start like this; learn how to do high-quality push-ups, increasing the number of repetitions. Dumbbell exercises are also helpful. It’s also important to eat right. Do not limit your food intake, but also do not overeat. Eating a healthy, balanced diet with a high protein content is a good option. The right diet combined with physical activity helps to successfully grow real muscles. Pull-up training will be very successful if push-ups are already easy to do. These should be at 50 reps in a row.

With the ability to pull up, do not stop pushing yourself and use dumbbells within your training.


With a standard physique, no deficit and no special diet is needed. It is enough to give up junk food and if possible, do not consume it at all. We start by doing push-ups, doing exercises with weights and the same with dumbbells. It’s also beneficial to do negative pull-ups.

Negative pull-ups should be understood as a strong moment when the head is above the bar, then while lowering down smoothly, you need to keep the bodyweight on your hands, trying to feel the muscles. It is good to improve your pull-ups with different grips types. If the correct technique has not yet been mastered, then you need to perform pull-ups, helping yourself with a strong start, jump, elastic band or use the help of friends.


Of course, female beginners feel happy when the elements start to come easy. Overtraining can be dangerous. It is important to know when to stop training, moderation is needed in everything. The optimal duration of one workout for a beginner is 60-90 minutes. The duration of the classes is different according to different experts. Some believe that you need to exercise every day. Others argue that you need to go to the horizontal bars every 3 days. It all depends on the body’s ability to recover and the intensity of the exercise.

The best option of guaranteeing the achievement of success in a workout, is to meet like-minded people. It is especially convenient to have friends who are already familiar with the basics of Street fitness. Companions will suggest how to train best and to learn one or another element of the workout, they will be able to help when difficulties arise and point out inaccuracies in the technique. If a person starts mastering a sport alone, then his motivation could be weaker and it is always more interesting to work out with friends.


It’s great that you don’t have to look for exercise equipment and go to the gym. You only need to have a sports ground in the yard, anything else doesn’t matter. Before performing complex elements on unfamiliar apparatus, you need to check the practicality of the simulators.


An affordable and simple piece of equipment. Horizontal bars set at different levels, designed for push-ups.


A horizontal bar at the optimum height for pulling up. As a rule, the rod is 28 mm in diameter. A person can hang on a horizontal bar and with an average height from the ground to the feet will be about 10 cm.


Bars are understood as a pair of parallel rods with a diameter of 28-30 mm. Depending on the distance between them, different muscles are used. A common option is a distance of 50-65 cm. If the height of the bars is 50-70 cm from the ground, then these are low bars and if the height is 120-150 cm from the ground, then these are high bars.


Everyone is familiar with this wall since childhood (it is a sort of ladder). Vertical elements are pillars. There is a row of crossbeams between them, horizontally installed at a distance of 40-50 cm from one another. The best option for achieving different goals is a combination of wall bars and a horizontal bar, which can be attached in the upper part with an indent of 40-50 cm.


There are inclined and straight benches. This is the simplest tool for working out the abs. There are persistent elements for setting your legs or arms in the head part of the bench.


You can do many different bodyweight exercises on the ground or on a mat.


It is important to learn the basic elements first. Basic exercises include abdominal exercises, pull-ups and different types of push-ups from the floor. Even non-professionals achieve quite developed triceps and biceps, plus beautiful and toned abs. It is impossible to perform complex tricks if you do not master the basic skills perfectly. The fact is you need to thoroughly work out the necessary muscles, as their strength will help you to perform the elements and complicate them endlessly. Next, we’ll talk about the basics of training.


The main elements include the reverse grip, the lift-overturn and the direct grip. To learn how to pull up on a horizontal bar from scratch for a woman or a man, you can use a wonderful simulator, the gravitron, but not every gym has it. With the help of the gravitron, you can learn to feel the right muscles and raise your body with your hands up. The trainer will help you to correctly set the weight.

An elastic band can help in teaching pull-ups. Pull-ups with an elastic band are much easier than usual and are ideal for the beginners. If you can’t pull up at all while hanging on a regular horizontal bar, you can use a low horizontal bar with your body at an angle. When the body is straightened, it is easier to pull up, when it becomes more horizontal, it is more difficult to pull up.

There is another effective method for learning to pull up on a horizontal bar. It looks like this, you need to grab the bar and jump as high as possible, then you need to keep yourself between your arms and slowly lower yourself. Thus, we include the muscles needed for pulling up and train them well.

Strong arms are a good base for pull-ups. They can be pumped up with simple dumbbell exercises at home. If you do the exercises regularly, then strength will appear within the hands.


Hang is performed with palms turned towards the body. We put our hands shoulder-width apart. The main task is to pull yourself up by lifting your chin above the horizontal bar. If you get 5-10 reps, that great!


The concept of a direct grip means the position of the hands on the bar are away from you. You need to grab the horizontal bar a little wider than your shoulders, and pull yourself up 5-10 times.


To perform the exercise, you need to grab the bar slightly narrower than the shoulder distance. There should be an opposite grip, that is, one hand towards yourself and the second hand away from yourself. You need to strive to pull yourself up in this way up to 7 times. Then you need to change hands and repeat the exercise.


Ideally, the flip lift exercise looks like this; you need to hang on the bar with a straight grip, placing your hands shoulder-width apart. Pull your body up until your head reaches the bar. Then, with an effort, bring your legs up, go through the horizontal bar and make a twist. The main energy is used at the moment when the body rises above the crossbar, then the body moves due to the force of gravity and inertia. If you learn to make a powerful swing, you will be able to make the lift a twist.

It’s not easy at first, but if you master this technique, success and beautiful spectacular performance are guaranteed. This element assumes at the end the vertical position of the body and legs, on straight arms, the waist is pressed to the horizontal bar. All you need is 5-6 reps.


A good result can be achieved if you do one minute exercises without pauses. To prepare for the exercise, you need to lie on your back, stretch your hands behind your head. Then raise your legs and arms upward, lifting them 15 cm from the floor. One leg rises, with the toe touching the right hand straight. Left hand-right toe. The trick is that your legs and arms do not bend or lie on the ground.

It is advisable to do 15 repetitions within 30 seconds. Then change the order to right hand-left toe. Just a minute for both sides.


Place your hands on the back of your head, but not in the lock. Alternately raise each bent leg, reach for the elbow of the arm from the opposite side. Right elbow-left knee and to the other side. Do as many repetitions as possible, within a minute. Being at the lowest point, we straighten our legs without touching the ground.


We carry out raised straight legs to straight arms from the same position as in the first exercise for the press, that is, from the starting position lying with the legs extended and raised 15 cm from the floor. Alternately, touching the hands with the feet and touching the ground with the hands now on the left, then on the right. Repeat vigorously for one minute.


Many beginners dream of flattening their stomach and believe that only exercises for the abdominal press will help with it. That is not true. The secret is that doing all exercises including; lunges, squats, pull-ups, and push-ups, are targeting different zones of the abdominal muscles. Such a variety of exercises will be enough, especially for female beginners.


There are many variations of push-ups for different muscle groups. People who are engaged in the workout of any level are required to be able to do push-ups in compliance with the technique. Beginners do push-ups from the wall or on their knees, these are lightweight methods and they are aimed at preparing the muscles. The most popular types of push-ups are on straight arms, with wide and narrow stances, as well as incline push-ups from a bench.


To perform the exercise, you need to set your arms wider than the shoulder zone, be in a lying position as in a plank with your arms straight. The head is in line with the back, the stomach is drawn in and the legs are straight. We go down, lightly touching the ground with our chest, and then back up to straighten your arms, but not completely, as there should be a slight angle at the elbow.


Take a lying position, but put your hands narrowly, this will somewhat complicate push-ups from the floor. Expand the hands inward, letting the thumbs and forefingers join, forming a triangle and begin the push up process.


An uncomplicated type of push-up, is from the bench. Hands are on the bench and you need to perform push-ups so that the chest touches the support slightly. The location of the legs are on the floor at an angle.

To complicate the push-ups from the bench, you need to take a different position, putting your feet on the bench, rest your hands on the floor. It is important that the arms positioned slightly forward relative to the shoulder level.


Turn the palms outward by 45 degrees. Performing these wide-arm push-ups requires physical strength.


The essence of plyometric push-ups is to do a body toss along with classic push-ups. The main goal is to lift the hands off the floor at the top point.

Constant training will lead to muscle development and strength. The weight should be increased gradually. After simple elements are perfectly mastered you can move on to more complex ones. If you start with intense exercises, you can injure your body and damage your health.


The main elements of a workout for women are not comparable to men’s loads. Men are naturally strong and usually have a well-developed upper body and a considerable stamina. But this does not mean that it is more difficult for women to achieve good results in the workout. The difficulty of the exercises is different. Women’s workout is built on simple strength elements allowing to show the flexibility and beauty of the body in all its glory.


Sitting on the floor, you need to spread your legs to the limit. One leg should be bent at the knee, rest the foot on the other leg. The stretched leg is perfectly straight. This is the only way to stretch the back of the thigh. The goal is to bend with a completely straight back to a straight leg. Stretching is not easy at first, but if you hold each pose for 30 seconds at the point of highest tension and repeat this 2-3 times, then soon you will be able to perform other flexibility exercises. Do the same stretch on the other leg.


The initial pose is sitting on the floor, with legs apart to the sides. You also need to remember that the back is always straight, the shoulders are lowered. You need to get down and lie forward. Freeze at the maximum stretch for 30 minutes. In the prone position, you can fold your arms behind your head. Also this is done for 2-3 sets.


From a prone position with hands behind your head, alternately raise one leg bent at the knee. The goal is to touch the opposite elbow. Right elbow with left knee and vice versa. Then change arms and legs, do 2 sets of 15 repetitions.


From a prone position, rest your bent legs on the floor. You need to lift the pelvis once and the shoulders should remain in place. Do up to 15 repetitions in total.


Here’s another great static exercise. From a prone position, you need to stretch your arms in front of you. Immediately raise your legs and arms, lifting both so that they are about 20 cm from the surface and hold them up for 30 seconds. Only 15 repetitions of this static is required.


You need to hang on the bar with a straight grip. This exercise looks like a half-chin-up. We bend our arms into a right angle. Hold the static exercise for 30 seconds.

Your distinguished success and incredible body transformation can only be celebrated if training is regular and diligent.  Mastering all skills and achieving a beautiful figure is not easy. It is worth accustoming yourself to discipline and instilling in yourself, the ability to experience the pleasure of working out. A great motivation idea is to just share your before and after photos and videos on Instagram. Lots of subscribers will definitely support you, tune in to new records and victories.

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